...you are brilliant and the pictures are amazing. The Yaffo ones blew me away this morning. Even more, the experience of that night was so exceptional with you, I can't articulate what a gift you gave us. It is such a special memory -it almost felt magical. Thank you for creating a night that is now frozen in time with those incredible pictures. I have given your name to at least 5 of my friends so I hope you will have endless business... Thank you again, With deepest respect for your talent and your soul,

- Alisa S.  Chicago, IL

...Jordan!! They're amazing. Todah rabah!! Serious money shots here!!

- Allison W. Purchase, NY

...I hadn’t really taken the time up until now to actually look through each picture. I have to tell you that they are truly amazing and each one is a work of art. You are really so talented and we have all benefited from you leaving your stock broker job for photography!!!

- Chana P.  Tel Mond, Israel

... Stunning! Jordan, you are incredibly talented! This should seal the deal for anyone hesitating to stay with us!!! Thanks so much!

- Danny Z. Sefad, Israel

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